About Us

The Start, What's the meaning?

Like most things, KLOUT just started as an idea. Crafted from the thoughts and doodles of creator, Brandon Martin. With a little research and a few YouTube video tutorials, KLOUT Clothing was "born" in the basement of his Grandmother's two-story suburban home, in 2015.

"When I was brainstorming ideas, my main focus was to pick a name that could stand 'alone', like Jordan or Mac, and something that embodied strength and positivity. The positive part came to me when I looked at the word clout. (side note: I came up with KLOUT back in 2014-15 before pop-culture started abusing it) I changed the 'c' to a 'k' and came up with the 'acronym', [K]EEP [L]AME [OUT]. The strength, comes from the meaning of the word, 'to have influence' and our lil twist at the end would be, 'and the discipline to always do right'."


Mission Statement: 

To promote and influence positivity, good vibes and to make dope stuff that embodies just that. Keeping lame out means to disregard, deflect and destroy all the negativity in the world, your world and all over. 

We are challenged day in and day out to always do the right thing. Your intentions have to be pure and love for one another has to be authentic. 


Brandon Martin - Owner, Lead Designer, Content Creator


I am a college graduate of Shenandoah University with a BA in Mass Communications. I initially went to school to become a sports writer, funny how things change. Born and raised in the Germantown, MD area; I love my diverse city. I grew up loving sports, mainly the teams my father loved (Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bulls). As I followed the Bulls in the 90's, as a kid, I was captivated by sneaker culture and the love for Jordan's, which is what really propelled me into fashion. They went hand and hand. You had to have a fly fit to rock with your Jay's.

Married father of one with one on the way. I've worked almost every type of job there is. I've flipped burgers, cut grass, taught group fitness classes, worked with autistic children and I currently wash cars (no cap). That's why KLOUT is more than a brand to me. It's something that I eventually want to pass down to my children, or at least the knowledge and grit of running your own small business and building something from the ground up. 

Design is my life. I love being in the lab and creating for the people to enjoy. I only hope to continue to bring y'all dope stuff. Thank God for all the blessings and opportunities. 

Serg aka "Splerg" : Sales Lead, CoDesigner, Managing Partner


Splerg grew up in the Damascus, MD area where he graduated from Damascus High School. Serg linked up with KLOUT in early 2016 where he dedicated his time to learn the craft of producing a t-shirt from start to finish. From there, Serg's role expanded as he began to help spread the brand by developing relationships with venues and Dj's, where The Kru would do pop-ups and host nightlife events. 

In The Kru, Splerg is known as the "Salesman". Bro is fearless when it comes to his approach. He is very detailed, a great talker and doesn't let a lead sip away just because they initially said "No".

Serg is also a dedicated Uncle, Brother, Son and Friend. He is a great family man who grew up working to help support his household and his loved ones.  

FOR NOW, this is KLOUT

Remember to always, KEEP LAME OUT!!